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  Camillo Braghieri

The company was founded in 1953 under the name "Officina Meccanica Braghieri Camillo" took place where high precision mechanical work for the largest Italian companies, then in 1978 it was transformed into CMB Motori Italia of Braghieri Camillo (Costruzione Motori Braghieri). This decision to transform the kind of work, oriented exclusively on its own product: study / design and production, was born by the great ability and passion of  "Dad Camillo" that modeller-competitor in the highest competition of the times, sick of engines that use did not stand up to the stress of a race devised a 90 square head with an elastic band.

Poster of first "CMB 90"

The appearance in the competition C.M.B. 90 caused a sensation, performance, and especially the reliability of the product made ​​it the eyes of all an excellent product, as never seen before, and here began the real engine production.
Soon the C.M.B. 90 became the engine most used by modelers in the marine sector all over Europe, and then be inserted on the world market.
Supported by his son Mauro, too passionate of marine modeling, participated in major national and international competitions and victories were not long in coming:

In 1978 they won the Italian Championship

In 1980 they won almost at the same time the first World Championships Naviga-Gold medal won by Mauro Braghieri- and the World Championship IMPA in South Africa.      

The Championship IMPBA at Joannesburg.

  Camillo and Mauro Braghieri - World Champions - Indianapolis 1981

From 1978 to the present day CMB Engines Italy has collected a substantial showcase of prizes – Italian Championships – European Championships - World Championships – International races – Trophies – winning the best podiums, won a sufficient number to lose the bill, won by Braghieri Camillo, Braghieri Mauro or customers were increasing year by year as the fame of the engine grew…………………
Jokingly we define “The Ferrari of marine modeling”.

Camillo Braghieri and heirs, Mauro and Elisabetta.

Obviously, the research and development of engines did not stop to 90 square head, while still remaining it the sector of marine modeling, keeping faith with the performance and reliability of the product, from 1978 to 2011 were introduced to the world market displacements: 21 – 45 – 67 – 80 – 90 – 91 -101 in different models and use powered mixture, models 26gas, 27α, 35gas gasoline-powered.    
Meanwhile, between the output of a new engine, of a new displacement  and the continuation of high-level victories CMB. MOTORI ITALIA of Braghieri Camillo is transformed into C.M.B. MOTORI ITALIA SNC of Braghieri Mauro & Elisabetta, we are in the year 2004.
Mauro and Elisabetta, sons of the founder of  C.M.B., have been working for many years alongside "Dad Camillo" in all the tasks and business issues, driven by passion for what his father has created.
Elisabetta, after several years in the workshop according to the reality of the production,is dedicated to the administration and accounting of the company. Mauro follows in the footsteps of his father, joined him and designs, builds new engines as well as introducing the company to the new working systems, with advanced technology: machine tools, CNC, EDM for molds etc.etc.
At this point "Dad Camillo" had 76 years and even at the height of his ability, he gave the company to his sons in order to ensure the continuity and start to be accountable and more active in managing the company.
The great capacity "Dad Camillo" have been actively creating the trio Camillo-Mauro-Elisabetta, until March 2010.
Unfortunately, following a destructive disease the founder of CMB Motori Italia, "Dad Camillo" on 25.03.2010 has left us.
To make sense of this great loss, emotional and technical, to pay homage to what they "Camillo" represented to the world of modeling and to give a salute to our father, to give the opportunity to those who wanted to have some which commemorates the Person, Mauro Braghieri achieved in a very short time the limited set of 91RS "Camillo limited Edition", 82 pieces such as the age of Camillo, all numbered and accompanied by a certificate.

The first sample of "91RS Camillo Limited Edition"

The C.M.B. MOTORI ITALIA SNC of Braghieri Mauro & Elisabetta continues her work of study-design and realization, ensuring fans of this little world, the marine modeling, models increasingly technology and reliability that allow to realize the most sought-after victories.


Article written by Braghieri Elisabetta