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Because of problems with e-mail at the source of the Supervitesse, the inscriptions on the 4 Trophy "Camillo Braghieri" are to be sent to the e-mail . For those who have already sent are to be sent back (not received). The Team Supervitesse apologize for the inconvenience Thanks, Elisabetta.

CMB Motori Italia and the Team Supervitesse, in cooperation with the Associazione Arci Laghi di Margonara, are glad to announced that on April 4 - 5 - 6 2014 will be held the IV Trofeo Camillo Braghieri, international competition for rc model boats restricted to FSR – V class for all displacements. The event, which in past editions met with success the enthusiasm of numerous foreign competitors, this year is enriched by a new race, with the organization of the first international competition dedicated to the F1 3.5 category. Sporting chanche keeps up for us all the way to remember a great person. In hard times such as the current ones, for many reasons time of disruptin and indifference, the memory of Camillo Braghieri and his teachings is not only a gesture of affection, but also almost a due one. It is in the name of friendship that he gave us, in confirmation of the importance of his father figure and – for this reason – sometimes grumpy, but always affectionate, that we need to remind ourselves and take into account the great friendship that join us because of the common passion, making a new promise of firm union for the future is the loyal sport comparison that with Camillo we shared. It is, therefore, with renewed enthusiasm that we are proud to invite you to Laghi di Margonara, where you can meet the best specialist in the international field.

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